New image, same philosophy

After a change, there is always a reason that causes it, and for Vesica Piscis Footwear that reason has been: to more clearly reflect the values ​​that identify us, now...

Stop Shark Finning

CORETTA SAVE SHARKS  A few months ago we discovered the illustrator Styngvi and from the first moment we were clear that we wanted his art embodied in our shoes. We...

Do you need it? we make it for you

For us there is no point to do things for the sake of doing them, without values. We cannot stop analyzing the origin and impact of each of the raw...

Who is behind vesica piscis?

There are many of you who follow us, read our logs and may have got any of our products, so from the Vesica Piscis team we want to thank you for...


We propose a conscious, committed and respectful Christmas with the environment and with yourself.


#ActiveConsciousness is about staying aware in all the daily acts knowing our responsibility in everything we participate in order to grow individu

The wisdom of nature guides us

We present the SS21 Season where the wisdom of nature guides us step by step in our creations, inspiring us in its life cycles where nothing is destroyed and everything...


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