Who is behind vesica piscis?

Who is behind vesica piscis?

There are many of you who follow us, read our logs and may have got any of our products, so from the Vesica Piscis team we want to thank you for all the support we receive.


We would like to conclude this 2019 by presenting each member that form this family and what functions we do every day with a lot of effort and love so we can keep moving forward together with you to offer a real alternative.


Although we are not a big project yet, there are many tasks that are required to be able to design, produce and distribute every item from our workshop here in Elche (Spain).

Apart from YOU, to make it happen, we NEED!



Ana (Communication)

Latest addition, she is in charge of explaining and presenting what, how and why we do it. Every day strives to make all the information comes to you through social networks, web ... as clear and transparent as possible.

Nieves (sewing and Packaging)

The essence of all Vesica Piscis products. Thanks to her, the product achieves the finesse, quality and harmony that a shoe or complement made in Elche (Spain) must offer. She is an example of a professional to promote in this industry. The seamstress are the base and a fundamental link in this very handmade process. Although they are increasingly valued, they are still not considered as they should.

Pani (Cut, Assembled and Logistics)

Hard worker with a great sense of humor, his mission is to ensure that every single order is well made and shipped. He is responsible to tack on last the shoes and obtain an excellent fit. With his strong arms, hi is capable to assemble many pairs per day, in addition to prepare orders with our circular, recycled and recyclable plastic-free packaging format.

Fran (Administration and Sales)

Fran is always willing to take a picture and give explanations about the project and the potential it has. He is in charge of getting orders and sending them to production, in addition to supervising all the boring paperwork. If you have any questions, call the office and he can help you for sure.

Macia (Address)

He is the one who never wants to appear in the photo, but he is the main responsible for Vesica Piscis´s existence. He is in charge for the creation of all circular designs, and for the selection of the best vegan and sustainable raw materials. It also controls and participates in the production and marketing, in order to ensure that everything meets the values ​​he think is necessary “animal respect and develop a production and final product with the least possible impact for a circular economy”

For us it is very important to keep developing and offering a quality product and service. We have created a small questionnaire, which with just a few seconds, will help us to value and improve our work.


Thank you very much for supporting us and being the architect of vesica piscis, which is just one more real initiative to improve the current paradigm.


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