Do you need it? we make it for you

Do you need it? we make it for you

For us there is no point to do things for the sake of doing them, without values. We cannot stop analyzing the origin and impact of each of the raw materials that we use to make each pair of shoes, or how our footwear and accessories are going to be reconverted and reused after their useful life, or why we must make them following a process as much sustainable as possible.


That's why we want to explain to you in a simple way what our manufacturing system is like. Basically, it translates into a phrase: “MAKE TO ORDER”. This means that if you order it, we will make it for you. We manufacture only to order and we put all our dedication into it. If you need any of our shoes, we will make it for you in 24/48 hours. So, in the end, we produce just what you need.

We don´t have stock, we do not have hundreds of pairs already made in a warehouse waiting for the buyer. Only when you order them do we get to work to manufacture them almost by hand, in our shoe workshop in Elche and in a way that we always try to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible. We put all the pieces together in the most respectful, cleanest and sensitive way possible for our environment.


That's why we don't participate in sales and discount periods, where you have the pressure to take out the shoes that haven't been sold. We offer a fair price all year round and thus do not manufacture with excesses.

How?: Optimizing sustainable and energy resources.

  • 100% of the raw materials used are animal free and always organic or recycled. Recycled cotton and recycled polyester, organic cotton, bamboo, recycled cork, natural rubber is some of the elements we use. Prioritizing local materials with guarantee certificates.
  • Being strict with our principles of sustainability and circularity is possible with our own local manufacturing in our workshop from Elche (Spain), with everything that also implies in terms of knowledge, quality and protection of the jobs of the entire team.
  • In addition, the innovative ethical manufacturing processes allow us to reduce up to 90% of energy consumption, which in its entirety comes from renewable sources endorsed by EKOenergía

Why?: Because this is how we contribute to the paradigm of the circular economy.

  • We contribute to a strategy that aims to reduce the impact in its entirety, minimizing both the use of virgin materials and the production of waste. We put at least all our efforts into it to create ecological, vegan, sustainable, recycled and, above all, recyclable footwear.


Por tanto, no se trata de producir por producir, de cualquier modo y a cualquier precio. Es confeccionar calzado con dimensión social y responsabilidad. “Make to order” se traduce por tanto en fabricar no solo “Make to order” means manufacturing not only with you in mind, but also with everything around us and all of us who live on this planet. We are involved in maintaining a commitment to ethical and fair trade.

If you could not see the "MAKE TO ORDER" video, please click here.


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