Normal friday

And you, what do you choose?

In Vesica Piscis we are from normal Friday.

Conscious and responsible consumption every day of the year.

In the past, the last Friday of November was just any other day, do you remember? It was a normal Friday: you bought because you really needed it, like any other day. Now, everything has changed and the system marks the times in which we must spend, in the case of Black Friday, always spend more than we need.


Don't let the system decide for you.

Great deals, huge discounts, rock-bottom prices, aggressive sales that are impossible to ignore. ''Black Friday'' implies, not only the sometimes excessive spending of the consumer, that reaches an average of 200€ on superfluous products, but also implies being an accomplice in a precarious work environment, due to poorly paid hiring of shifts marathons to which workers in different sectors such as transport or commerce are subjected.

On social level, buying anxiety is generated weeks before the "Big Friday", where the consumer is exposed to a barrage of offers that generate an urgency to buy imposed by the fear of losing the opportunity to get something at a lower price, even if they don't even need it.

But in addition to the labor and social impact, have you stopped to think about the environmental impact that this day implies?

  • The most consumed products are not essential. It is, in 39.2% of electronic devices (telephones, tablets, televisions, cameras and appliances) and in 33.74% of fashion (clothes, footwear and accessories).
  • The packaging and containers of the items, whether they are made of cardboard or plastic, are another of the big concerns that Black Friday produces. Millions of tons of waste are generated, ending up in landfills in the best of cases.
  • Shipments translate into millions of kilos of CO2 emitted by trucks and vans (estimated at 80kg/person). All this without counting the returns of the products that raise to 33% due to impulsive purchases.


At this point…, do you wait for a day like Black Friday to take advantage of the discount or make unnecessary consumption? Shouldn't we think about it? At Vesica Piscis we advocate for a responsible purchasing every day of the year.

For us, it's just a normal Friday, with the only difference that we have to communicate it, in which we don't offer discounts because we offer a fair price all year, where we will continue to make each order by hand on demand and package it with our eco packaging. It's a normal Friday, in which we will continue to try to be the most possible ethical and sustainable consumer alternative to offer our product to a conscientious public that knows what they want.

You know: if you need it, we do it for you.



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