New image, same philosophy

New image, same philosophy

After a change, there is always a reason that causes it, and for Vesica Piscis Footwear that reason has been: to more clearly reflect the values ​​that identify us, now also with our image. But for those of you who already know us and have been following us since the beginning, you should not worry. Although we have a new image, our philosophy remains in the same place that motivated you to be part of Vesica Piscis since our birth in 2015.

What has motivated us?

Our constant concern to improve the design and manufacturing processes of our products has also prompted us to examine in detail elements of communication to which we were already accustomed. Rethinking whether we could better reflect our philosophy through them, prompted us to work together with professionals who understood our values ​​and helped us reflect them. Our partners in this exciting process have been the creativity factory La Ciudad Sin Ley.


What changes have we made?

Our Claim is reduced.

Our previous claim: “first ethics then aesthetics”, is reduced to “ETHICS FIRST”; manifesting in its minimum expression the main reason that guides us in our work. Let there be no doubts, we are not against aesthetics, on the contrary; but as long as it does not get in the way of ethics.

New Vesica Piscis Logo

Perhaps the most obvious and significant change has been to create a new logo. For this, one of the decisions was to discard the use of digital fonts, and incorporate the creative process into the art of manual calligraphy, which in its greek origin means "writing with beauty". Thus, a new more compact logo, with irregular, fluid strokes and inspired by the first latin calligraphies, reflects the unique character, without complexes and away from current trends, which will from now on represent us.

New Isotype Vesica Piscis

Contrary to the criteria used for the new Logo, the creative process of the Isotype has been to reduce the "Vesica Piscis" to its minimum and correct expression. The common surface resulting from the union of two circles with the same radius, in which each of the centers is in the circumference of the other, represents and symbolizes the space that we share and we must respect together with the rest of living beings. The new Vesica Piscis Isotype expresses, unequivocally, that there is a shared space between all living beings that must be green.

New slogan Every Step Matters

Because we think that "Every step matters" when it comes to advancing our involvement with the environment, improving our circular design, progressing on the path of sustainability... Every Step Matters also becomes one of our Vesica Piscis slogans. 

Changes always provoke reactions, they take us out of our comfort zone; but on many occasions they are essential to mark new stages, to reaffirm ourselves even more in our principles, essences, philosophies, purposes. 

Welcome back to Vesica Piscis.


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