A new concept of returnable and 100% recyclable sole.


The circular design is one of the fundamental pillars of Vesica Piscis and under this premise we have developed a new concept of returnable sole. The sole, made with recycled TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) certified GRS (Global Recycled Standard), meets two essential requirements for its circularity: durability and ease of recycling. This, together with our system for joining the sole to the upper, sewn without adhesives, allows us to make a returnable sole, thus extending its useful life, and thereby, minimizing the environmental impact of the new style of which the reused sole is part.

This new concept, named INFINITE SOLE, means that the sole can be reused and recycled practically infinitely, with which we achieve, in addition to not generating waste and reducing the consumption of raw materials, promoting the circular economy.

Another of the great advantages of reusing the sole is the significant reduction in the carbon footprint that this action entails, since we avoid the process of crushing the sole and its subsequent injection (manufacturing). In this way, we managed to reduce the CO2 footprint by more than half, compared to the lowest figure for sneakers with these characteristics, and up to 84% with the average reference, achieving the lowest carbon footprint on the current market.

For the circular viability of this initiative, which can significantly reduce the ecological footprint in the manufacture of new sneakers, the responsibility and complicity of the customer is needed, who, with the help of Vesica Piscis, will open the free procedure to collect the sneakers once its textile has inevitably reached  its end of cycle, in order to carry out INFINITE SOLE circular process, reusing the sole for a new style, or failing that, recycling it together with the insoles and textiles, which would lead us to the desired zero waste.

This circular action, in addition to having the personal self-reward of responsibility, will also be rewarded with a 20% discount if we reuse your old, but resistant, soles for your new sneakers.

Recycling is good, but reusing is even better.

Do you join the new circular paradigm...?

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