The time of year marked by family and friends meetings begins, dates in which we all show ourselves, to a certain extent, with more desire and the need to share and show our people that we love them and that we care about them.

But ... why? Or rather, at what point did society begin to believe that to show that special affection it had to be on certain dates? Why not have details with yours when they are born regardless of what calendar day it is? Since details are surprises, there is no better training than having them when the other person least expects it!

Since these days are also moments to stop to reflect and take stock of how the year or the last season of each one has passed, why not also think about how to show respectful affection around us? Why not also learn to value that purchase / gift? Appreciate what and who is behind that gift that you have acquired and how it has come about.

At Vesica Piscis we would like to offer you a conscious, committed and respectful Christmas with the environment and with ourselves:

1 - Give experiences. Details that will leave a meaningful memory for that person and will last in their memory.

2 - Are you skilled or creative? Get to work and create some reused detail with what your environment offers you. Personalize an old photo frame, create a personalized bookmark ...

3 - Go to the local store in your neighborhood, support those who are always there when a setback or a last minute need urges us.

4 - If you opt for material details, we suggest you discover the directory of ethical and sustainable brands of ETHICAL TIME verified by the REAL SUSTAINABLE FASHION seal.

5 - We remind you… If you have worn Vesica Piscis, we offer you the possibility of further reducing your environmental impact, you just have to return your used shoes to us and we recycle them into new shoes. Your responsibility is rewarded, not only for being able to generate zero waste, but with a 15% discount for your next Vesica Piscis that you need!

6 - And since the meetings revolve around a table ... how about if you put yourself to the test with new 100% vegetable recipes, you will leave your people astonished!

What are you going to do on these dates to show your love for what really matters?