The 6 steps for transformation

1. Start by selecting the style.

Start your REweART by choosing between our SIDDHARTHA or CORETTA styles to create your personalized sneakers. (Configurator)

2. Upload the photo of the clothing to be recycled.

Take a photo of the fabric of the clothing you want to recycle and upload it so you can see how it looks on your new sneakers. (How to take the photo)

3. Customize the sneakers as you like.

Enjoy combining with your favorite device the different parts of the sneaker with the clothing to be transformed with recycled fabrics and its different colors, as well as being able to choose an option depending on the style you have chosen. Once you have your favorite combination, select the size and your design will be ready. (How does the configurator works)

4. Once the purchase has been made, you can now pack the clothing!

Following the confirmation email, that you will receive for the purchase made, in less than 24 hours, if it is a business day, we will send you an email with the instructions so that you can send us the clothing/fabric free of charge. We recommend packing the clothing/fabric in a shoe box or wrapped in any paper that you can reuse. Remember that it is important to have the package ready if the delivery company have to pick it up. Estimated transit time is 1-4 business days depending on location.

5. We receive, transform and ship it in 1/3 business days.

As soon as we receive the package we will update you and start manufacturing your sneakers as you designed them. This process can take between one and three business days.

6. You receive your new REweART sneakers!

Once we have them ready, we will send them home so you can enjoy your clothing converted into your new 100% circular and unique sneakers. Estimated transit time is 1-4 business days depending on location.


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