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The REweART customizer

The online customizer that helps you easily transform clothes into your new and exclusive circular sneakers in just a few minutes.

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Access to the REweART customizer and select one of our SIDDHARTHA or CORETTA styles to make your REweART or to combine the style to your liking with the recycled cotton fabrics and colors available in the customizer.

If you want to create your new sneakers with your own clothing or fabric, press the camera icon (5) and upload the photo as indicated in the instructions (6) in order to get the best pattern of the fabric image. 

Once the photo of the fabric is uploaded, to replicate the image in the different parts where it can be inserted, select the place where you want to add your fabric and press the camera icon (5) again.

To select each of the parts of the sneaker to change the color (9), fabric (8), some part of the model, or insert the photo (5), you have several options: click directly on the sneaker, move the arrows on the menu (8) or open the drop-down menu and choose the model part (10).

Both models have the option of designing them with or without pull tab (12) and on the CORETTA you can also do the same with the cap toe (11).

You can enlarge/reduce and move the 3D design to see all the parts of the sneaker as you prefer.

If you need a little inspiration you can look at other people's designs (3).

Press the share icon (4) to show your REweART to whoever you want.

Once you have your design ready, select the size (1) and add it to the cart.

Soon you will have your REweART Vesica Piscis sneakers in your hands!


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