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Please read all the conditions, in order to ensure both parts that the procedures to carry out the reconversion of the clothing/fabric will be carried out without any incident.

If you have any questions after reading the conditions, contact with, we will be happy to help you.

Terms and conditions.

All clothing are suitable for recycling and being converted into your next personalized sneakers if they are a minimum of 40cm long.

In case it was just the fabric, the minimum required measurements are 50x50 cm.

In principle, all types of fabric are susceptible to conversion into sneakers. In case of receiving textile that is unfeasible, we will proceed to return it at no cost to the customer.

Once the shipment made by the client is received, it cannot be canceled.

If the clothing received generates problems for an optimal reconversion due to its poor condition, the client will be informed before the execution. If he/she gave his/her consent via e-mail, we will proceed to carry out the order; otherwise, the clothing would be returned, and he/she would be responsible for the expenses generated.

The clothing received by Vesica Piscis will be handled in the best possible way in order to achieve the best result, always with the prior consent of the client once the purchase has been made.

In the unlikely event that during the manufacturing of the clothing/fabric an incident occurs and the order cannot be carried out, Vesica Piscis will contact the affected person to offer them the option of recovering the full amount, or the return of 50% plus the purchase of any other item from our online store.

The remaining textile, once the order is executed, will be recycled by Vesica Piscis unless there is a notification by the client for its return together with the order.

If the loss of the merchandise occurs during logistics transit, Vesica Piscis undertakes to refund the full amount, or to configure a new model, in this case returning the customer 50% of the amount.

The prices include all logistics in the countries where REweART can be carried out.

Any REweART personalized item can be returned due to its uniqueness.

You have a free size change, but please always ensure the ideal size in order to avoid the complexity of changing the size of a personalized sneaker.

If the requirements mentioned above are not met, Vesica Piscis will proceed to return the clothing/fabric, and the client will be responsible for the expenses generated.

The estimated time to receive your REweART order once it has been placed, is 6 to 8 business days in Spain and Portugal, and 8 to 11 business days in the rest of Europe if there is no incident.

Vesica Piscis Footwear sl reserves the right not to carry out an order if the clothing or fabric received contains photos, drawings, text or symbols with political content.


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