Have you ever thought about the process a pair of shoes goes through before reaching you? Have you thought about the story it leaves behind and the importance it holds?

Have you thought about the story your sneakers can have after you? Are you aware of their importance?

Each shoe has a story before and after it reaches you. A linear or circular story, where human and environmental factors play a fundamental role in defining it.

Every time you decide to buy a shoe, consciously or unconsciously, you are contributing to the story that comes before and after it reaches your hands.

It depends on you what kind of stories you help create, ethical and circular stories where no waste is generated and materials are reused, or stories of use and throw away. And you, what do you choose?


Creating conscious stories

The stories before and after Vesica Piscis matter to us, which is why all the materials we incorporate into our shoes must have an ethical story aligned with our philosophy. A circular story in which your conscious involvement is vital to close the loop and thus be able to reuse materials and not generate waste.


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