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We are


 If you have come this far it is because you want to know a little more about Vesica Piscis. We appreciate it. Although it may surprise you, you are a fundamental key piece of our puzzle, without you this project would not make sense. Here you can find the most personal part of our brand and why we are like this.

Vesica Piscis was born in Elche, the birthplace of footwear, so we are shoemakers by family tradition. Since the end of 2015 we launched this project with the aim of offering a coherent and ethical alternative, in line with our values based fundamentally on respect for nature and its whole. To this end, the circular economy and veganism are the pillars on which the project is based to offer a new concept of more responsible consumption based on local production. We are currently close to achieving one of the most important objectives we set ourselves when we began this adventure: to minimise our water and CO2 footprint as much as possible and, most importantly, not to generate waste, by designing fully recyclable vegan footwear. 


At Vesica Piscis we are more about ethics than aesthetics. We don't wear the corset of trends and we flow in our own way, always complying with three premises: veganism, circular economy and minimalism.

We draw ideas that are respectful of animals and the environment. The love we feel for the planet, we also extend it to other species, so our products are free of animal suffering, always using the best raw materials of organic or recycled origin.

Our teacher is nature, from her we learn the guidelines to follow and the importance of cycles, that is why we design footwear based on circularity, making the most of each element, where everything is transformed and nothing is destroyed or becomes waste. 

We like practicality but above all simplicity, that's why we design under a minimalist, timeless and unisex concept. Our collection reflects a natural and comfortable style, because our shoes are designed for durability, so that they are part of your style all year round. 


“Never Did Nature Say One Thing And Wisdom Say Another



This geometric symbol, which reflects the union of two circumferences, has survived throughout history, thanks to its great relevance and meaning, becoming a mathematical and artistic reference.

For us, the Vesica Pisces is an emblem that expresses our thinking and brand concept, which is none other than that, among all the diversity of thoughts and experiences, we find a meeting point among all of us: love and care for our planet.

If you want a better world, we are ready to make it possible.



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