At Vesica Piscis we have always had the firm intention to collaborate in the defence of animal rights, as we consider that a society is fairer when all of the individuals that form it are taken into account, regardless of their species...

Bearing this in mind, we took the decision to support the work of the Animal Protection Association LIBERA!, a non-profit organisation set up in 2004 in Barcelona and which currently has both national and international delegations, from which they seek animal protection via initiatives within the scope of social, legislative, scientific, educational and political activism, among others.

Vesica Piscis donates 1.5% of the profits to the NGO's campaigns and projects and you can see where this money is going to on Vesica Piscis' and LIBERA!'s company websites.

The NGO's success and achievements within the animal rights movement are an example to us all.

Some of their most well-known campaigns are:

ZOOXXI, CLAC, Basta de TAS, Galicia Mellor sens Tourades, Rambles Èiques, Mercats Ètics, Sen Pexas, Projectant Projecte, Cans sen cadeas, LIBERarte, Impuesto Ètico



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