One of the greatest challenges that we faced when we set up Vesica Piscis was the implementation of recycling as an essential requisite in all of our designs.

The environmental impact caused by the current production of more than 22,000 pairs of shoes every year, whether due to the consumption of the colossal amounts of raw materials necessary to make them, or the thousands of tonnes of waste generated, is motivation enough to think again when designing a shoe.Prevailing manufacturing methods and the many components that footwear usually contains, make it impossible to recycle, due to the great complexity that separating the materials implies. Upon reaching the end of their lifecycle, they inevitably end up in a rubbish dump, generating a great amount of waste and making the materials used worthless.

By simplifying and differentiating between the two key elements that allow the shoe to be recycled correctly (the sole and the upper), we have managed to create different designs, whereby the consumer can separate both parts quickly and easily, so that they may be reused for other things..

The upper, made solely of textiles, can be completely recycled, as can the sole, made entirely of natural rubber, which can be reused in the manufacturing of many other products.




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