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Developing an ethical commercial policy together with an eco-efficient manufacturing strategy allows us to carry out the 'make to order' concept. Do you want to know why? It's very simple. 

We are aware that the textile industry(which includes footwear) is the second most polluting industry in the world,and one of the reasons why it has such a sad environmental impact is due to overproduction,which encourages excessive consumption at low cost and causes millions of articles to be discarded,which in many cases end up in landfills. At Vesica Piscis we do not want to be part of this, because we believe that clothes and shoes are consumer goods that should not have an expiry date and that their use should be in line with their longevity and not with fashions that unconsciously induce superfluous and compulsive consumption. For this reason...

We manufacture your order as soon as it arrives

... we only workto order, producing just enough (without stocks), without the need for discounts, optimising both materials and energy consumption, as well as reducing our CO2 footprint in the manufacturing process and generating the minimum possible impact on the environment. 

With all this, we intend to promote responsible consumption every day of the year. That is why we ask you to...

Don't buy it if you don't need it and if you do, we'll make it for you.

Where and how do we make it for you?

Once you confirm your order we get down to work in our small workshop in Elche (Spain), where we design, cut, sew, assemble and package your shoes under a new paradigm of circularity. Most of the manufacturing processes are done by hand, which besides providing a more humane treatment to the product also helps us to reduce energy consumption by up to 90% compared to conventional assembly and the little electricity we need to manufacture your shoes comes from renewable sources certified by Ekoenegy.

To ensure you have quality shoes, we always choose the best organicveganrecycled, recyclable and, of course, local materials. Many of them come from the textile industry, thus promoting recyclability and preventing them from becoming waste. We also carry out this practice with our leftovers, getting to reuse 95% of them and working so that in the short term we manage to reuse 100% and thus not generate any waste.  

As manufacturers, in addition to being concerned about the nature of the product, we take responsibility for its durability. It is important that you have a good experience with your shoes, so we will always be at your disposal to solve any doubt that may arise and even to repair the shoes in order to extend their life to the maximum.

We offer you the opportunity to recycle your Vesica Piscis when they have completed their life cycle. This is possible thanks to the fact that we base our designs on a circular economy, so as a consumer, you have the conscious alternative of generating a lower impact on the environment, when your old Vesica Piscis come back to us.

At Vesica Piscis each pair of shoes is hand-made in our workshop in Elche.


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