If we can help animals with small gestures, why not do it? From Vesica Piscis we want to launch a new initiative in which we need your collaboration. It is the #specialcollaborationweek, where the inhabitants of Compassion Animal Sanctuary will receive your support. What do you have to do?

We don't give discounts on our footwear because we offer fair prices all year round, but we do love to be able to help such fair and necessary initiatives as associations or animal shelters. That's why, for the next seven days (from the 22nd to the 29th of January) with every purchase you make, a percentage will be donated to the animals of the Compassion Animal Sanctuary in the form of food, medicine or fodder that will help them to stay warm and comfortable in their homes.

Laura, founder of Compasión Animal thanks you for your collaboration.PLAY

With every purchase you make, one of these options will become a reality...

  1. A bale of straw for Pinkie the piggy to sleep warm.
  2. Food for two days for Emiliano and Francis.
  3. 15 bottles for little Martin and another 15 for Lili.
  4. Food for all the hens in the sanctuary for one day.
  5. A bag of shavings for Gonzalo's stable bedding.
  6. Up to 3 breakfasts for Marina and Frodo.
  7. A good ration of hay for Patricio.
  8. Three feed rations for Ferdi.
  9. Five days' fodder for Saturnino.
  10. A big bale of hay for the bull Moisés.

We give you up to ten reasons, but there could be many more!!! 

If you need a pair of shoes, now is the time. We have a wide collection of vegan shoes for women, vegan shoes for men, vegan sandals or vegan boots for you to choose from. All of them are handmade in Elche and made with organic, recycled and recyclable materials, all of them of vegetable origin and designed for a circular economy.

You can take a look at our collection HERE. 


Our #specialcollaborationweek initiative only lasts one week, but if you want to continue helping the animals, you can collaborate by becoming a member of the Compassion Animal Sanctuary, or by sponsoring one of their animals. 

Another way to help them is by purchasing the #Cuvier model from our website, to which we donate a percentage to the organisation, although you can also place an order from the sanctuary's shop, which will give them a greater benefit.