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Circular economy & Vesica Piscis

Circular economy & Vesica Piscis

Design and develop a shoe that could be totally integrated in a natural life cycle was our first and last goal in Vesica Piscis Footwear. To be able to achieve a footwear and accessory design that can be part of a circular economy allow us to offer the consumer a product that respects the environment and at the same time do not generate any animal abuse.

This is our main hallmark. Not only design, produce and manufacture in Spain, or not only use raw materials that are vegan, biodegradable or recycled. But put all this together within a natural and sustainable consumption that could feet in a circular economy (Sustainable Economy).

But, what is Circular Economy?

For many people is seen as utopian, but is the base to be able to change the nowadays unsustainable society and economy.

According to the Spanish online newspaper "Sostenibilidad para todos", the circular economy is the challenge to develop in our society a cyclical system equal to our nature. And if we cannot copy, then make it the most similar as possible, building a resource exploitation system where element´s reduction reigns. Simply, produce the minimum, consume what is necessary and when there is elements that cannot be reincorporated into nature, then recycle and re-use until it expires.

An economy where no dump and waste exist.

And, how do we get this?

Use as many biodegradable materials as possible in the manufacture of our consumer goods, so we are able to return it to nature without causing environmental damage at the end of its lifetime. Once we have to use non-biodegradable materials to manufacture goods, always try to design the products to be able to reuse this non-biodegradable material and give it a new utility.

It is proven that integrating this economy into our society and lifestyle benefits companies, human beings, and of course, the environment.

At Vesica Piscis is clear. We want and will have to keep working to develop a sustainable and respectful shoe concept for the circular economy. 

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