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"Black Friday" was originated in Philadelphia due to the incidents caused by the crowding of people attending a match of rival football teams. This name was given by the police, since for them it was a hated day. The shops in the area took advantage of this day to launch aggressive prices and liquidate all the stock.

With the passage of time, we have been led to believe that it was created as a result of the low income and sales of the weeks before the Christmas holidays.

In the end, they continue to expose aggressive prices and generate an urgency to get a product when we don't need it, or even the “just in case” reaching an average cost of 150 euros in a single day per person.

The expense, on this famous day, is not only economic, there is also a psychological component, we even feel socially excluded if we do not acquire anything in the "black friday"

The quantity of products that will be obtaining by impulse on this day are, in the end, waste, mostly technological.

Promoting the conscious purchase of a pair of shoes that you really need is our goal, in addition to doing it in a transparent way; always explaining the impact it has.


Although we live from our sales like any other business, we don´t want to contribute to unnecessary consumption and we prefer to do so on sales to responsible customers, who will consume the product until the end of their natural life.


In addition, we work for full fair and ethical price, since we believe that this business practices entail unfair competition between brands and collaborators, and exerts unnecessary pressures on manufacturing costs that ultimately end up affecting the conditions of people and the fatal care of our environment.


THE BEST PART! We are not the only ones who carry out these initiatives, more and more companies, are raised or created in a more sustainable way, such as our EKOMODO companions which also produce items for a circular economy.


Day by day, a better planet is possible. Our anthropocentrist thinking, often makes us forget 

that we coexist with many others and in the end we are all who pay the consequences of our irresponsibility.

Therefore, we say NO to Black Friday and YES to responsible consumption

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