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Conscious collaborations

Conscious collaborations


Since we started the company we decided to do it right from the beginning. We set standards that we committed to respect because we think that our environment is important and we are defined by how we behave in it. Our three pillars are veganism, sustainability and circular economy.

In this road we thought that we would not find many companies like us because nobody was talking about this way of doing fashion, but fortunately we have been finding brands that work with very similar values ​​and compatible with our way of seeing things in the fashion’s world. That's why we decided to make collaborations that combine ethics and fashion. On this occasion we met with the german brand Degree Clothing and the Mallorcan brand Nimeria Brand.

We loved reading the 9 standards that Degree Clothing has on its blog about how to be more sustainable at work. They avoid the paper in their invoices and in their daily routine of a workday, they go by bike to work and in addition they have vegan food and seasonal in the office. His clothes are urban, fair trade and vegan with PETA certificate.

Nimeria has a strong commitment to the environment, its strategy to contribute its bit to the conservation of our nature is to reuse the material that already exists and turn it into new products such as their handmade sunglasses and certified wood from sustainable forests. They also have a compensation policy for the CO2 footprint and they give you the option as a consumer that you choose which cause will be donated the 10% of your purchase.

In this collaboration we put together wood glasses, Degree t-shirts and VesicaPiscis shoes thanks to the models Laura Egido and Emilio Beladiez, both models fulfill the same values ​​that move us to generate an impact that impresses and sets a trend in this new world of sustainable fashion.

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