Did you know that hundreds of sharks die every minute in the shark fin soup business? To put you in context, this gastronomic dish dates back to the 16th century during the Ming dynasty and was considered a "delicacy" among the emperors and the nobility. Over time it also became a "star" dish in popular celebrations such as weddings and christenings of the population in China.

You may not know how shark hunting is done to make this dish. It is not just hunting or fishing… it is human barbarism. The shark is captured through the practice of finning, which consists of amputating the fin and returning it back to the sea alive, where it suffers until it dies drowned, eaten alive or bled.

The greatest demand comes from Asia and the main consumer is China, but more than 150 countries participate in this atrocious business. It should be noted that the European Union, and especially Spain, are among those that profit the most.

Since 2013 the regulation “Fins Naturally Attached” has been in place, but few countries have approved it for the most part. This regulation prohibits the storage, transshipment and landing of the fins, these must remain attached to the rest of the animal's body when it arrives at port. In this way the fins can be separated from the animal and exported.

However, there are many countries that continue to allow the practice of finning, the origin of the fin is unknown, which makes its commercialization legal.

Any support you give will help improve the lives of all the animals in the world. The sharks need you, enter the link and SIGN the petition.

We have already done it, and you?


At Vesica Piscis we want to give more visibility that cause over time, for this we have designed some sneakers in collaboration with the Icelandic illustrator Stenfan (@styngvi), the same one who exposed this atrocity to us. The design will be released at the end of January and part of the profits will go to STOP FINNING EU.

We anticipate the first Sketch!