ACTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS is about staying aware in all the daily acts knowing our responsibility in everything we participate in order to grow individually and collectively to improve our social and environmental life. They are small actions that can be implemented in our lives, which do not involve a great effort, but a great change.

A good example of active awareness in the city would be to practice sustainable mobility. It is estimated that in 2050 70% of the population will live in cities. This means that there will be more people, more energy consumption and more pollution concentrated in less and less space. To ensure that our cities are healthy, accessible and friendly environments, we must maintain an active conscience and look for alternatives to regular transport.

Reducing the use of the car and choosing to walk or ride a bike is one of the best options to improve our city and also our personal life. Practicing sustainable mobility improves our physical condition, reduces stress and comforts us knowing that we are being responsible by taking care of what matters most: our environment and all the beings that live in it.

For this new season we have had the support of Ciclos Helike and we have been able to learn about their project: they promote sustainable mobility by dedicating themselves not only to the sale of bicycles and accessories, but also to the recovery of old bikes. In this way they promote another conscious action: reuse, repair and care. We know that sustainable mobility is the perfect starting point to practice active social and environmental awareness and this is how we have been able to reflect this in the new season.

As you already know, at Vesica Piscis we practice a circular economy that allows us to manufacture and consume responsibly, and this time we do it hand in hand with other brands committed to sustainable projects developing locally respectful item. We are Bonito, Lolo Carolo and Xiro Denim.

We all manufacture alternatively, as few brands do, but we can only achieve our goal with your help, if we all get involved and choose to maintain an active conscience.