The wisdom of nature guides us

In this new SEASON SS21 we wanted to strengthen our relationship with nature, to show our respect and admiration for it. To follow in her footsteps, to observe her and to be inspired by her in the creation of our circular products. 

Nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed.

Nature creates its own infinite cycles of life, where nothing is destroyed, but everything is transformed... and begins again. We learn from it as a great open book, which tells us about the beauty of simplicity and how a great set of living beings flow together to keep life going. 

We believe that every being on this planet has a role, a mission and a responsibility. We, as people and as a brand, do too. We are meant to understand each other for survival, sustainability, biodiversity and coexistence.  That is why reconnecting with nature is fundamental.

At Vesica Piscis we understand the importance of natural cycles and we apply these principles to our products so that they generate the minimum impact on the environment, using organic and recycled materials for their future recyclability and making use of the circular economy

Love for the planet unites us

We are not alone in this season's presentation. The Bleed clothing and accessories brand has been thinking about the well-being of the planet for more than ten years, using biodegradable, organic, vegan and recycled materials. Their philosophy is to inspire others to a sustainable lifestyle that is fun and easy to incorporate into everyday life. That's why they design eco-friendly, animal cruelty-free products with a simple, modern concept and an urban, sporty feel. 

What it means to us

This season's SS21 session took place in a unique environment such as the Mediterranean coast of Alicante, giving prominence to one of the greatest treasures we have in our land: the sea. 

With this presentation we not only present new models of footwear, we also want to make visible our love for the planet, and we invite you to make a stop along the way to reflect on the importance and responsibility that you have as an individual within this great community called the WORLD.

We want this message to get through so that you can learn, be inspired and enjoy the most valuable thing we have as human beings: the beauty and wisdom of nature. 

Know ourour new models of vegan shoes for men and women and vegan sandals.

Discover our ss21 season video.