0% Sales. We maintain fair prices throughout the year.

We always make to order. 

At Vesica Piscis all our products are hand made once we receive confirmation of your purchase and within a few days you will receive it at your home. Everything is made to order, with vegan, recycled and recyclable materials for a circular economy. It is not made if it is not necessary, as we do not have stock, when you order a pair of sneakers, we make them with a lot of love and exclusively for you. 

We have no stock. We do not need to liquidate product.

Developing a commercial and ethical policy together with an eco-efficient manufacturing strategy is very important at Vesica Piscis. All orders from the online sales and from our partners (retailers) are manufactured once the order has been confirmed. In this way we do not overproduce and therefore do not have an unnecessary stock which then leads to the pressure of having to liquidate. 

We manufacture in our own workshop in Elche and we advocate a commercial and manufacturing strategy that allows us to optimise the consumption of resources. 

Fair prices all year round.

We understand and find it correct and logical that shops and some brands make a period of sales to be able to liquidate the stock and to be able to take advantage of all the remaining product left over from the season. However, we do not believe that sales strategies based on a continuous stimulus of permanent discounts are ethical. In the end, this leads to the consumer losing the perception of the real cost of the products and making an unnecessary purchase that will probably soon become a waste.

As a company, we need to live from our sales like any other business, but we don't want to contribute to unnecessary consumption, that's why we like our customers to make a conscious consumption and to buy the product when they need it and until the end of its life. 

This is why we work for a fair and ethical price all year round, as we believe that these practices can lead to unfair competition between brands and partners, as well as putting unnecessary pressure on manufacturing costs which ultimately ends up affecting workers' working conditions and a greater negative impact on environmental care. 

If you want to know our models designed for

a circular, vegan, recycled and recyclable economy,

made with quality materials and decertification, made to

hand in Elche and only for you, click here.