For many, it is one of the most eagerly awaited holidays of the year, because of its lights, its carols, family gatherings, feasts, gifts... People are more inclined to share, feelings come to the surface but excesses are also overlooked and consumed without consideration. 

And taking advantage of the fact that we are all a little more receptive in these times, we do not want to miss the opportunity to reflect and think about the consequences and repercussions that our actions have on our closest environment. 

From Vesica Piscis we want to tell you: take it easy. You can live Christmas in a more peaceful and respectful way with the planet, different. And we tell you how:

    • Give more sustainable gifts, spend the right amount. You can have a practical detail or give an experience.  Sometimes we buy impulsively and acquire things that are not really necessary. 

    • Go to the shops in your city. Small shops always have original, quality, and local products. In this way you help to keep the local economy afloat. 

    • If you are going to buy online, do it in ethical shops whose products are made in Spain or Europe and that work with organic or recycled materials, like us ;). 

    • Remember those who need it most. You can give a subscription to help animals or a non-profit association. 

    • If you are good at crafts, you can reuse things you have around the house and create a new gift: a photo frame made from a T-shirt, or a cushion lined with a jumper, or give a book with a personalized bookmark... These are very intimate details that cost very little. 

    • If you have an old Vesica Pisces that you no longer use, you can recycle them and get a 15% discount that you can give away to anyone who needs new shoes.

    • When wrapping gifts, you can do it with leftover fabrics or papers you have at home, or even line shoe boxes with handkerchiefs or newspapers. 

    • We encourage you to visit pages with 100% vegetable recipes, so you can see for yourself that you can enjoy a good meal without eating anyone.

It is up to you to celebrate these holidays in an ethical and respectful way, both with the animals, your family and friends, and with the environment. 

These tips are our gift to you and we hope they will be useful for all the days of the year. And above all, enjoy and share!