Shoes based on a circular economy, an economy that emulates the mechanism of function of mother nature itself, where everything is useful and the concept of trash does not even exist. One of the main issues for Vesica Piscis Footwear is a conscious choosing of raw materials, meaning that everything must be vegan, organic and recycled.

Everything has a reason and an origin, but in fashion industry we discover that is not that easy to track the products and its materials. We have always been aware that in order to create something we have to do an elaboration process and that is how products become products. ¿What happens when you wonder how they are made? There are shops, warehouses, big industries and all, but we don’t have the information of how they exploit the natural resources to get the raw materials. But we know they have their ways to get raw materials cheaper and more affordable than their competitors in order to make products more profitable. That’s unsustainable and that is the reason that we talk about “Fair trade” and “circular economy”. What does it means? It means that exists a new way of commerce based on dialogue, transparency and respect among producers and workers, with the final goal of contributing to a sustainable development

With our planet overexploited and all the resources going extinct we start to think which is the best way of obtain raw materials to keep producing. That is why we think there is no better materials than organic and recycled materials, because they are a non virgin source so we don’t need to obtain it from the earth and we give a second life to potential rubbish so it doesn’t become useless and pollution. Hand to hand with these terms we always have the “Vegan” word so we don’t fabricate our products causing animal exploitation or any cruelty to any animal. We are committed with this cause, so you are not only buying vegan and ethical shoes but you are helping us to help LIBERA! association with a 1.5% of our annual profits.



Our philosophy is inspired by circular economy that drive us to emulate the mechanism of function of the mother nature itself, erasing the word “trash” and replacing it by “reusable”. That is how our product can be assembled and disassembled to be 100% recycled and don’t generate any discard at the end of the production cycle. We are very proud of telling this story, so as our shoes, we take small steps to become the change that we want to see in the world.