Vegan people are citizens that due several life experiences start to see differently their relationship with rest of the animals.

Most of the vegan or vegetarian have usually been omnivorous previously. Our point of view is not easy to explain to the rest of the people which perceives Veganism as strange practice.

A cordial and cheerful communication should always be made, so our opinion is nicely understood and no threat is transmitted.

The vegan perspective encompasses three basic ideas:

·         Respect rest of the animals so they can live in peace and enjoy their life as you would like to live yours. They contain nervous system and a locomotors system, so they got feelings and desire to live in freedom as the human do.

·         90% of the land animals are used as merchandise to serve a habit of the human been and not a necessity. These animals are exposed to all types of exploitation.

·         Human been does no need other animals to be able to live, to develop wellness and neither satisfy their pleasure.

Nowadays every person of this globalized world is capable to live free of suffering and dead to others. This lifestyle is VEGANISM.


·         Every second are killed 15.000 animals for human consumption.

·         If you have not watched the famous documentary “Earthlings”, we motivate you to do it and find out a bit more about the reality behind the several animal exploitation industries.

The victims of exploitation do not need only our compassion. They need our awareness and action.