We would like to get closer to those people around the world with cool values that act into the society to achieve great goals.  Once we find someone, we enjoy learning a lot with their work and experiences.  In this post  we would love to introduce Emilio Beladiez Martínez.

He is a 29 years old guy, formed in sea science, ecologist and a strong activist. He is President and Founder of www.Bioagradables.org, a local NGO that develops a tremendous works to protect the Mediterranean beaches.

Emilio started few years ago as an environmental volunteering and realised that was a huge opportunity to create impact in the society and change things with our daily choices. He was National Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator for The Black Fish, fighting overfishing and working against illegal fisheries in Europe. Emilio, actually become an animal activist since he met http://www.animanaturalis.org/es in 2012, and participated in national protest against circus with animals and Pamplona's tradition in San Fermín.

His current job is Stock Controller in LUSH Cosmetics, also a cruelty free and vegetarian products store. However most of his time is taken to organise events and collaborations for BIOagradables, in order to spread the word of sustainability and environmental awareness through coastal clean-ups in Valencia.

Emilio answered us some simple questions about his way of living!

Where are you come from and where you live?

I was born in Valencia but I would like to consider myself from everywhere.

What things motivate you in life?

My motivation comes from the ocean. There are so many reasons to love the sea, like resources, living creatures, sports and awesomeness everywhere you look.

Why you decided to have this type of life?

I am a vegan since 2012. I decided to choose the alternative way of living, always trying to find a more sustainable way of live. Nevertheless, my main reason to continue is the amount of amazing people that I am meeting on the way.

What things are important for you in life?

Respect, Love, Family and all the values that connect us to nature. I believe that, nowadays, it is really hard to find this values. People who is seeking them are important in my life.

What tips would you offer us based in your personal experience?

Always walk in the right direction, no matter what people tell you if you are right or wrong. Never take anything for granted. I know that sounds quite typical, but without that two basic advices I would not be where I am today.

Emilio is a big and inspiring example of Human being for Vesica Piscis. He has been supporting our project since we met and we are very happy about this.

Thanks a lot EMILIO

Keep strong and we wish you the best in future!